They offer the best protection with low weight and maximum service life.

No calluses, no pressure points, no cornea, no incisions on the hands.
By avoiding pressure points and protecting against new corneas, you can better access, thereby targeting the muscle groups more specifically and increasing your workload. EASYGRIP™ protect the reflex and trigger points on the palms of the hands, which - medically proven - achieves a better training result and protects the entire body. Best effect: the palms remain soft and supple - despite hard training!

EASYGRIP™  fit every hand - ONE SIZE FITS ALL!
EASYGRIP™  can be used on both sides, so they are always right on the hand.
In training, EASYGRIP™  become softer and more elastic and adapt to the hand and the circumference of the fingers. If necessary, you can cut the holes larger, but we have never seen this before - and have done so for 8 years now!

Leather gloves, e.g. if they get wet with sweat and water, lose their protective effect within a very short time, they become hard and brittle and also start to smell bad.
EASYGRIP™  are flexible.
EASYGRIP™  keep their shape.
EASYGRIP™  keep their function.
EASYGRIP™  are washable, do not accept any odors and offer a hygienic advantage.
If you take a break while exercising, air comes to your palms, when you access it again, the EASYGRIP™  are on your palms again. You hardly notice them when you wear them because they are so light - and they are there when you need them - in the right place.

EASYGRIP™  do it all: wash your hands, disinfect, whether wet or dry, the function is retained and your fingers are free to do what you want - whether it's a cell phone, drinking cup or training apps - you can use everything like before!
Try it out and order your own EASYGRIP™  right away - with the code More4Less you will also get your personal discount deducted at check out!


EASYGRIP Fitenss Grip Pads beim Warmup nicht im Weg